Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Designed from the ground up to prevent false alarms, Southvault Smart Surveillance is a revolutionary step from traditional security installations. SouthVault provides the tools and technology necessary to catch criminals today. In addition, Videofied Security Panels are completely wireless and self-powered, isolating them from power outages, tampering, and cut phone lines. Secure your world with SouthVault Smart Surveillance.

Have a Videofied security system? Host it with us for self-monitoring. You will be glad you did.


Uses GSM Cellular or Satellite, No worrying about very remote location or cut phone lines
Long-Life Lithium Battery, Use without having to run wiring for power
Solar Panel, Flexible solar panel to extend battery life
Worldwide Coverage, No matter where you need to watch, we have you covered.
All-Weather Housing, No matter the weather, the units can withstand the elements.
Clamshell Case, Easy-to-transport case allows for use in remote places.

Above are features on our Portable Surveillance Unit, some systems may not contain all features.

Speciality Applications

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General Residential &
Commercial Surveillance

Oilfield &
Energy Production

Contractors &
Construction Sites


L.E. & P.I.

[Southvault has] solved the problem of false alarm dispatches…Using this strategy has resulted in arrests that easily exceed those caused by blind legacy burglar alarms.


Four Men Arrested thanks to S3 Systems

Four arrested on elementary school property recently. A K-9 unit was literally next door when video came in. It was four against two, the patrolman and the K-9. This K-9 is jet black, eyes and fur. In the dark all you see is those teeth- and his bark is pretty much...

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