Cannabis Growers in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State are in primed to take advantage of the opportunity the Green Rush offers. But with any opportunity, comes risk. A major risk Cannabis Producers face is theft of crop and equipment. SouthVault and it’s dealers are here to help Legal Marijuana Growers secure their pricey equipment and stock.  With it’s revolutionary features SouthVault’s security systems can help protect with you’re growing.

Here’s our top security tips for protecting your Cannabis growing investment:


  • Make sure you’re compliant. Security systems aren’t just for security. In some jurisdictions, they’re required as a condition for operating a Marijuana facility legally. Check with you state and local officials for the exact requirements.
  • Have tight identification protocols. Employees and visitors should be required to wear badges while on premises. Check names against government-issued IDs. Also, keep detailed visitor logs.
  • Let your security system be visible. You want people to see your cameras and motion viewers, and be visible. You need to create the impression that you facility is well-protected and monitored, that it would be easier to find somewhere else to break into.
  • Understand that inside jobs and as likely as outside one. Employee theft is a real threat. Position cameras and controls in a way that your employees cannot override them or disable them.
  • Have real-time notifications. Many criminals will do a test-run first, and if they detect no response, proceed to take what they want. Letting criminals know a response comes when they enter your property is a major deterrent
  • Make stored crop difficult to take. Even if an intruder makes it in your facility, having stored product secured in heavy safes will make it impossible to remove.
  • Think like a bank. Banks have notable external security present; cameras, motion-detectors, imposing physical barriers, lighting; Apply the same fortress-like techniques to your Cannabis facility.
  • Be strategic with Camera & Motion Viewer Positions. A few strategic positions that capture faces, and see most of the room are more effective than many poorly-placed cameras.