Securing your construction site is important for minimizing losses. Here are our top ten tips for increasing construction site security.

Construction Site Security

1) Inventory tools and equipment regularly. Your security best practices should include a frequent and regular accounting of all tools and equipment deployed to a construction site.

2) Use mobile surveillance units to watch construction sites. SouthVault’s systems require no wiring, no wired power and are easily mounted. The fact that cameras and motion viewers are in place will deter most would-be thieves. If a theft does occur, camera systems can help apprehend the perpetrator.

3) Lock up equipment during non-working hours. Lock out all motorized equipment.

4) Don’t store equipment and materials near perimeter fences. This allows for would-be thieves to easily scope out what you have. Make it difficult for outsiders to see what you have, and even more difficult for them to haul it away.

5) Maintain a clear zone around the perimeter fence. As much as you can, keep the area on both sides of the fence clear and uncluttered.

6) Make construction site security a team effort. Everyone that works on-site should look after the security and safety of the construction site.

7) Use good lighting. Especially in the area where you will be storing equipment and materials.

8) Mark and stamp all tools and equipment. Better yet give them a distinctive color and markings.

9) Have one access point. Consider having only one entry/exit point, have it on camera.

10) Have the parking area be outside the site for employees, vendors and visitors.

Our smart surveillance systems can be tailored for your construction site. Let SouthVault add to the security of your construction site and the minimize the losses to your contracting firm.