Hosted Video Services

Welcome and now let us ensure you want to be dealer for SouthVault:


  1. Are you currently a Videofied dealer? (if not and you want to be a Videofied dealer, contact your security wholesaler to see if they carry Videofied – they are worldwide)
  2. Do you have clients with special surviellance needs (no 911 response address, no power or communications on site, client moves their monitored site occaionally or often?)
  3. Client wants to be a part of the decision making process for intrusions?

We urge our clients to work with a local security dealer for Videofied programming and support – become one of the dealers we recommend

If any of these apply, please contact us and find out how simple it will be for you to become one of our dealers.


Videofied Systems solved the problem of false alarm dispatches, but wasn’t able to solve the problem of unpredictable and expensive monitoring fees. We wanted to use Videofied and private patrol companies to protect construction sites and empty properties, but central station monitoring would have been too slow and expensive. For us, the solution was Southvault Solutions. From our first installation in 2012, Southvault Solutions has made using Videofied to protect challenging environments both economical and successful. We deliver video directly to private patrolmen and/or clients using only web browsers and telephones to “bring the handcuffs”. Using this strategy has resulted in arrests that easily exceed those caused by blind legacy burglar alarms.

Art Dunn, Director of Art Dunn Alarm Company, Modesto CA.

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